What is an ISPO ?

An ISPO or Initial stake pool offering, is a revolutionary new way introduced in Cardano to reward stakeholders with project tokens in exchange for the rewards granted by the Cardano network to the stake pools.

In this process, the project spins up its own stake pool(s). And when there is enough delegation from the community to this stake pool, then the pool mints blocks and is rewarded in ADA. Normally delegators get the rewards in proportion to their delegation to the pool. In the ISPO pool normally the rewards are taken by the project. In exchange, the tokens of the project are given in a predetermined exchange ratio, to the delegators.

What are the advantages of an ISPO ?

The main advantage is that the delegators do not need to sell their own tokens, instead they exchange the rewards from the cardano network in order to participate in the project being built on this network.

Normally in the times of ICO people and mostly large investors used to get preferential shares of the early-stage project tokens. And it was literally not possible to have a fair token distribution. It was quite common that artificial queueing etc had to be done and finally there was no guarantee for getting the tokens. Compared to that using the ISPO pools even the smallest delegators will get the tokens at the end. Hence it leads to a fair distribution of project tokens with a long tail distribution (depending on the delegators) to all participants.

How to participate ?

Delegation of the stakes requires a wallet that is supported within cardano ecosystem. Here is the list of wallets for reference: , , ,  to name a few. In order to participate in the ISPO, you need to delegate to the stake pool(s) of Reitcircles . In return you will be rewarded with the REIT tokens at the designated time after ISPO ends.

Following are the Pools for the ISPO:

REIT  60689cb29ae0cc55566434a809305885fdacd7d8aff0730f9778dbf6

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Stake address of the wallet which is delegated to ISPO pool



As per the rules of staking, there is a gap of 2 epochs before the new stakes are recorded for delegation. And rewards are calculated at the end of epochs, so the current epoch is not considered in this reward calculator.


REIT Token Distribution (in percentages)

The total token supply is 45 Billion.

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Detailed information about different segments for the REIT token allocations.


Delegation Amount

50 ADA 1000000 ADA



Epoch: 1(relative) Epoch: 48


RIET Rewards ast.